The Biggest Tournament In Africa!

Compete in Africa's largest Call of Duty Mobile tournament ever! Gear up and register now as time is running out to represent your country in this epic event!


This is the event you have all been waiting for! Across Africa, Elite Call Of Duty: Mobile gamers are competing against each other in a battle for supremacy, with a staggering $15,000 prize pool up for grabs. Grab your gear and join the fight today!
  • 3


  • 6


  • $15,000

    Prize Pool

The Format

Each of the six competing countries will first face off in a regional qualifier where $700 will be up for grabs! Up to 128 teams will feature in the group stages with the winners facing off in a fierce double elimination playoffs stage – to finally crown the countries champions!

The Qualifiers

Join your country in the fight to bring the best of the best to the finals!
  • 21 JUNE - 7 JULY

    South Africa

    Online Groups into Playoffs
  • 28 JUNE - 21 JULY


    Online Groups into Playoffs
  • 28 JUNE - 11 AUG


    Online Groups into Playoffs
  • 24 AUG - 7 SEPT


    Online Groups into Playoffs
  • 20 SEPT - 5 OCT


    Online Groups into Playoffs
  • 11 - 26 OCT


    Online Groups into Playoffs

The Finals

After three months of exhilarating Call of Duty: Mobile gameplay, the best team from each country will meet in a location to be disclosed for the Ultimate Showdown. There, they will battle for their cut of a prize pool of over $10,000!


How do I apply to stream a group stage match or watch party?

You can register your interest to stream a group stage match or watch party to

How do I create or join a team?

CREATE A TEAMFrom your Carry1st Africa Cup Profile Page, click on "New Team".
Enter your team name and optionally upload a team logo. Click Create team.
After creating the team you will be able to invite other users to your team. The easiest way to invite another player is to send them the team invite link. Once they go to the link they will automatically be added to the team.

JOIN A TEAMTo join a team, you must get your team captain to either send you the team invite link, or they must invite you to the team, then you will receive an invitation in your notifications that will allow you to join.

How do I sign up to my country's qualifier?

Go to your country's page, which you will find in the main menu on the left (desktop) or by clicking on the menu icon in the top left (mobile).

Once on the country page, scroll down to "Group Stage" and click on "Sign Up".

Here you will be asked to select your team that you created, as well as the 5 main members and optional 2 substitutes.

Please note that all members must log into the Carry1st Africa Cup website, link their game accounts and join your team for you to be able to add them as members of your tournament roster.

How do I compete in a tournament?

Play a match

Once the tournament starts and you have your first match, it will be listed both on the tournament page and in the Activity tab in the top right corner. Click on the match to go to the match page.

On the match page you will see a few important things:

  • Your and your opponent's Game account. Make note of your opponents account as you will be adding them as a friend in-game later
  • The Match Date. This is the date the match was initially created with both participants present. An important rule to remember is that if either participant is not present in the game lobby within 15 minutes after this date, they are subject to forfeit.
  • Host. This is the participant that must invite the other participant in-game and host the party. It is not required that this player host, the other player can do so as well if they prefer. 
  • Chat. This will be your main method of communication with your opponent and the tournament admin.
  • Dispute. Should your opponent break a rule or enter false results, you should dispute the match via the Dispute button. This will alert an admin and disable any score entry. 


Participants must join each-other in-game using the Game accounts listed on the match page. Once all players are present and the game has been set up according to the tournament rules, the match may be started.


Finish a match, report the results

Once you have finished all games and one participant has been declared the victor - both participants must report the results on the match page. This can be done by going back to the match page and clicking on Enter Result. 

Note: The enter result button will only be visible to team captains in team-based tournaments.

Once a result has been entered, the opposing team wiill have 5 minutes to respond to the result (accept or reject) before it gets automatically accepted.

Participants will then either be eliminated from the tournament or continue to the next match. The above should get repeated until the participant gets eliminated or wins the tournament.


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