Quick Rules


  • The hosting team (indicated on the match page) must create a private room
  • In the CODM app click on Multiplayer, then click on the menu icon in the top right corner and select 'Private'
  • Click on 'Invite', then 'Invite' again. Copy the link generated and send it in the match chat on the Carry1st Africa Cup website. This will allow your opponents and teammates to join.
  • Once everyone has joined the room, set a password so that no one else can join
  • Host rotates between teams



  • Game Modes: Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Control
  • A room password must be set once all players have joined the room
  • Map selection:
    • Groups Stage: Maps will be randomly selected and listed on the match page.
    • Playoffs Stage: Maps will be selected by captains through the VETO system.
  • The non-hosting team will choose a side
  • Spectator slot must be locked



All Matches will be Bo5 unless stated otherwise. The Game Mode Order is as follows:  

  • Hardpoint 
  • Search and Destroy 
  • Control 
  • Hardpoint 
  • Search and Destroy 



The team leader who creates the custom lobby must make sure each game has the following settings respectively: 

1. Hardpoint 

  • Round Score Limit: 250 
  • Time Limit: 600 
  • Number of Spectators Allowed: N/A 
  • Room Password: N/A 
  • Allow Invite: Yes 

2. Control 

  • Round Score Limit: 3 
  • Round Time Limit: 90 
  • Number of Spectators Allowed: N/A 
  • Room Password: N/A 
  • Allow Invite: Yes 

3. Search & Destroy 

  • Round Win Limit: 7 
  • Round Time Limit: 120 
  • Number of Spectators Allowed: N/A 
  • Room Password: N/A 
  • Allow Invite Yes 
  • Overtime: Yes 
  • Overtime Cap: 20 

Game Specific


Gun and Operator Restrictions: 

Each team should not exceed a maximum of these gun classes in their lineup 

  • 3 AR 
  • 3 SMG 
  • 2 LMG/Shotgun 
  • 2 Marksman/Sniper 

All players on a team are required to pick unique Operator Skills. These should be stuck with, and rechosen for the entire series, not changed. Should a substitute come in, they will be allowed to choose either the Operator Skill of the player they are replacing, or one that has not been chosen by the team.

New Content has a 21-day 'cooldown' period from the date of which it was added, where it is restricted from play.  

Note that all disputes regarding the use of restricted items but be substantiated by either a video or photo.  

The complete list of restricted items, scorestreaks and others are below:  


  •  NA-45 
  •  SVD 
  •  XPR 
  •  Thumper 
  • SKS 
  • Shorty 
  • SMRS 
  • FHJ-18 
  • Argus 


  • Trip Mine 
  •  Thermite 
  •  Molotov Cocktail 
  • Contact Grenade 
  • C4 
  • Cluster Grenade 

Operator Skill

  • Transform Shield 
  • H.I.V.E. 
  • Shadow Blade 
  • Bull Charge 
  •  Ballistic Shield 
  •  K9 Unit 
  •  Kinetic Armor 
  • TAK-5 
  •  Reactor Core 
  • Ballista EM3 
  • Tac Deploy 
  • Misdirection Device 

Weapon Attachments

  •  Akimbo 
  •  RPD Infinite Ammo 
  • DLQ Concussion Ammo 
  • All Shotgun Slug Ammo 
  • Thermite and Gas Grenade Bolts 
  • AS VAL 15 Round FMG Mag 
  • CR AMAX M67 Ammo 
  • HS0405 Thunder Rounds 
  • M4 Underbarrel Launcher 
  • Hades Heartseeker 
  • HVK Large Caliber Mag 
  • DRH OTM Mag 
  • Rytec Thermite and Explosive Ammo 
  • CX9 9mm Hollow Point Rounds 
  • Type 19 Hi-Accuracy Sniper Ammo 
  • MG42 Krausnick 355mm Rapid
  • MG42 6.5 Arisaka 125 Round Drums


  • All emotes are banned

Tactical Utility 

  • Heartbeat Sensor 
  • Gas Grenades 
  •  Flash Drone 
  •  Echo Grenade 
  • Stim Shot 
  • Cryo Bomb 
  • Storm Ball 
  • Decoy Grenade 
  • Trip Sensor 


  • Persistence 
  •  Restock 
  •  Martyrdom 
  • Quick Fix 
  •  Hardline 
  •  Alert 
  • High Alert 
  • Tracker 
  • Recon 
  • Pinpoint 
  • Unit Support 
  • Tactician 


  •  UAV 
  •  Advanced UAV 
  •  Counter-UAV 
  •  Care Package 
  •  Shield Turret 
  •  SAM Turret 
  •  Stealth Chopper 
  •  Shock RC 
  •  VTOL 
  •  Hawk X3 
  •  Swarm 
  •  Lightning Strike 
  •  Orbital Laser 
  • Sentry Gun 
  •  Chopper Gunner 
  • Napalm 
  •  Cluster Strike 
  •  MQ-27 Dragonfire 
  •  XS1 Goliath 
  • Wheelson 
  • Guardian 
  • Gunship 


Lethal and Tactical Utility Skins

  • All Legendary Utility Skins


  •  All Emotes are restricted from use during any point of a match

Operator Skins

  • Cosmic Silverback
  • Zombie - Wicht Warden
  • Grinch - Night Fang
  • Grinch - Wreath Havoc
  • Grinch - The Lionheart
  • Golem - Everglade
  • Roze - Murk
  • Roze - Rook
  • Death Angel Alice - Trench
  • Death Angel Alice - Shrouded Maiden
  • Florence - Night Terror




  • Summit 
  • Apocalypse 
  • Hacienda 
  • Hackney Yard 
  • Standoff 

Search and Destroy

  • Tunisia 
  • Firing Range 
  • Express 
  • Kurohana Metropolis 
  • Takeoff 


  • Raid 
  • Seaside 
  • Arsenal 


1.3 Emulators and Third-Party Devices:

The use of a PC emulator to compete in these tournaments is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.

We do not support Emulators OR Third-Party Devices, such as a controller, or other input devices outside of the device they are playing on. Players need to take a screenshot of their pre-lobby before joining the private game. If a player disconnects in the private game lobby, the team will need to go back into the pre-lobby and take another screenshot.

Failing to submit proof of the home screen or pre-lobby when requested will result in the player/team forfeiting the match.


1.4 Grace Period

A participant must be in the game lobby with their opponent within 15 minutes after a match’s start time. Proof must be provided that there was an attempt to contact the missing opponent.

Teams are allowed to play one map shorthanded per match


1.5 Delays

Participants may not delay the start of a match without the approval of an admin. Participants may delay a match between games for up to five minutes.

For any forfeit claim, evidence is required to substantiate your claim. In order to support your forfeit/claim, you must provide irrefutable evidence. Proof via video or a screenshot will be required and may be uploaded on the match page or https://streamable.com/(video) or https://imgur.com/ (images) if the proof is too large to upload on the match discussion


1.6 Normal Boundaries

Players who move their character outside of the normal boundaries of a map may forfeit the game. Moving outside of the normal boundaries of a Map includes but is not limited to part of the Character’s body passing through what should be a non-permeable surface or object, and moving into any area from which your Character registers shots on an opponent who is not able to register shots on your Character.


1.7 Match Schedule

In a knockout tournament, participants that have not completed their matches before the scheduled start time of the next round of fixtures must contact an admin. Participants that do not attempt to contact an admin will have their fixtures forfeit once the 'Grace Period' of the following fixture expires.


1.8 Time Limit

Teams must report the match results within 10 minutes of its completion. Failure to report the match results or respond to admins may result in your team being forfeited. 


1.9 Double Forfeit

If a match is not played and neither team contacts the admin requesting the forfeit or win, both teams will be knocked out of the tournament.

1.10 Seeding

Participants will be seeded according to their game ELO. The higher seed is determined by the participant with the seed closest to 0. Example: Seed 4 is a higher seed than seed 10. 


1.11 Disconnections

For SND and DOM, if a player disconnects the game should be ended at the end of the round and the player reinvited (rehost). The game should then be continued with the same points and team sides as when the round ended.

For HP, the game can only be restarted if the player disconnects within the first 30 seconds.


1.12 Hosting

The host is the player that creates the custom game and ensures that the proper settings and maps are used. The host should set their party limit to match the number of players for the match. If the host incorrectly ends a game, their team may forfeit the game.
The higher seeded team must host the first game. The lower seeded team will host the second game. This rotates until a winner is found. Higher seed selects their faction/side for game 2. Lower seed picks sides for games 1 and 3.


1.13 Lag

A lag test must be performed before the start of each game to ensure all players have an acceptable player to player connection. Lag tests must be done via a Free-For-All.

In the event that lag occurs, the game should be completed. The player(s) that are experiencing lag should take video proof and provide it to an admin. If lag is occurring, it is recommended that multiple players provide proof of the lag. Leaving the game prematurely may result in a forfeit of the map. 


1.14 Report Match Score

Match results must be entered after all games/maps have been completed by going to the match page and clicking on "Enter Result" (only visible to team captains). Once a result is entered, the opposing team will have 5 minutes to respond to the result before it is automatically accepted.


1.15 Outside Players

Only eligible players on the two teams and Carry1st Africa Cup admins may be invited/join the match lobby. If an ineligible player joins a game, the game must be ended if the player affects the game and/or doesn't leave within 30 seconds of joining. If a player is found to have invited an ineligible player to a game, they will forfeit the game.

Global Rules

By signing up to this tournament all participants agree that they have read and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


2.1 Communication

Only communication via the Carry1st Africa Cup Discord chat lobby and Match Chat will be accepted.


2.2 Rule Changes

Carry1st Africa Cup has the right to (1) decide outside or even against the rulebook and (2) make changes to any of these rules before or during the tournament. This is to ensure fair play and the smooth progression of the tournament


2.3 Late Entries

Participants will not be able to sign up to tournaments once the sign-up deadline the has been reached


2.4 Misconduct and Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

All players are asked to behave in a respectful way towards other competitors and Carry1st Africa Cup admins. Toxic behavior, flaming and unsportsmanlike behavior are not allowed and may be punished.


2.5 Conflict of interest

Participation in prize tournaments, unless otherwise explicitly permitted, is not allowed for employees of Carry1st, its partners, or tournament sponsors.


2.6 Connections

Should we deem that your in-game connection is regularly in conflict with others or too unstable to fairly compete against others, you may be forfeited or blacklisted from our matchfinders.

The use of a VPN when connecting to our website/app is strictly prohibited and may result in you getting banned. Use of a GPN/Gaming VPN to connect to game-servers is allowed.

2.7 Prize distribution

In tournaments with a monetary payout, unless otherwise stated, payment will be made within (or by) 30 days following receipt of confirmed bank details. 

Tournaments with a "sliding scale prize pool" have participation-dependant prizes, meaning a certain number of confirmed participants must be reached before a prize becomes valid and claimable.


2.8 Broadcasting

Carry1st Africa Cup reserves the right to use any material cast or streamed by a player when participating in Carry1st Africa Cup Tournaments. All personal streaming is allowed.


2.9 Spectators

Other than Carry1st Africa Cup admins, spectators are only allowed if both participants agree. Any disputes on spectators must be made before the start of the first game.


2.10 Loadshedding
Standard cups: 
Standard cups will always go ahead regardless of the stage of loadshedding. As long as the tournament reaches the minimum amount of players needed for a tournament to start, it will start. 

Event Finals: 
If loadshedding is scheduled for stage 4 or above on the same day as an Event Series Finals, the dates of the finals may be moved to accommodate to all teams taking part.


2.11 New Characters / Maps

In the event that a new character, map, stage or additional DLC content is added to any game. That character, map, stage or additional DLC content may not be used within 14 days of the release. 

2.12 Event / Game Specific Rules

Any rule/s that specifically apply to any Event, Tournament or Game, will take precedence over Global Rule/s. If you are unsure regarding any rule, please be sure to contact the Tournament Administration. 


2.13 Following and upholding Terms of Service

Please ensure that you respect and follow both Carry1st Africa Cup TOS and Rules, as well as the Game Publisher / Title TOS and Rules. Breaking any of these can result in a deduction of honour, or ban. 


2.14 Community Broadcast

Please note that for any Community Broadcast - all teams and players must agree to being on the broadcast. This should be communicated early to all participants, and agreed upon ahead of time. All community broadcasts should have at least a 2 Minute Delay (if applicable to the title), and all personalities on said broadcasts should be respectful to the players, and Carry1st Africa Cup staff. Carry1st Africa Cup reserves the right to request a take down of any broadcast, as well as bar any broadcast teams / peoples from running a Broadcast in the future.


Account Rules

3.1 In-Game ID

Players must ensure that their in-game ID (relating to the tournament) is up-to-date on their Carry1st Africa Cup account. Per admin discretion, players may be deducted honour or forfeited from the match/tournament.

Players with profanity, vulgar text or foreign characters that cannot be typed on a standard keyboard, console, or mobile device in their ID will be requested to remove the text or risk being banned.


3.2 Multi accounts

Each tournament participant must only have one account. If a player cannot access their account, they must contact an admin on Discord


3.3 Names and Logos

We reserve the right to edit user/team names or logos and deduct Honour if they resemble copyrighted content, are offensive/vulgar, or incite hatred.


3.4 Team Roster

A player may only play for one team in a tournament. The only players allowed to play for a team are the players listed under that team on the match page.

3.5 Account Sharing

Players are forbidden to allow others to play in tournaments in place of them by sharing game accounts.


3.6 Roster Changes

Changes to a team's roster may only be made before the start of a tournament and up to the end of the first round grace period. Teams may request via the admins for a roster change to be made with a player that is not a player already participating in the tournament. 


3.7 Substitutes

For specified tournaments, sub players will be allowed. These players are not required to check in and will also not receive any ELO or count towards team seeding. Substitutes will not be awarded trophies or embers either.


3.8 Country

Deliberately faking the country of residence is punishable. If a player does so and plays in a team match, the team will be punished as well.

Participants must reside in one of the following countries: Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya.


3.9 Banned players

Playing with a banned player may result in the entire team also being banned.

Dispute Rules

4.1 Cheating

Breaking any rule and any form of cheating, hacking, abusing in-game mechanics, mods or unsportsmanlike behavior may be punished.


4.2 Disputes & Proof

All disputes must have evidence submitted to an Carry1st Africa Cup admin for a ruling to be made. The burden of proof is on the accuser. In order to dispute game results, players must do so on the match page or Discord either before/during the match or no longer than 15 minutes after the end of the match.


4.3 Match-Fixing / Betting Fraud

Engaging in any action that improperly influences the outcome of a game or match by any means is strictly prohibited.


4.4 Doping

Any kind of doping is forbidden. Mild cases of doping will be punished with a warning. Severe cases (i.e. use of drugs containing performance-enhancing substances, like Adderall) will be punished.


4.5 Deception/Manipulation

The attempt to deceive admins or other players with wrong or fake statements, information, or data will not be tolerated. Players found bribing or attempting to bribe an Carry1st Africa Cup admin or trying to manipulate the competition will be punished accordingly.

4.6 Game Modification

Programs that provide an unfair advantage or make changes to the game itself are forbidden. Scripts and changes to the game\'s configuration are not allowed unless otherwise stated in the tournament rules.


4.7 Equipment

Players may not use a Turbo/Button Macro controller. For all console tournaments, the use of a Keyboard/Mouse is strictly prohibited.


4.8 IP Flooding (DDoS Attacks)

Performing or assisting with a DDoS attack of your opponent or Carry1st Africa Cup will be punished severely.


4.9 Lack of Cooperation

Failing to comply with a tournament admin's directions and/or requests may result in the forfeit of a game or the entire match.


4.10 Punishments

The following punishments for breaking rules may be enforced by an admin: Loss of Honour, a Game Forfeit, a Match Forfeit, or a ban for a specified duration. 

Penalty Rules

Playing with a banned player 1 month
5x FA team abandons 1 month
Boosting 1-3 months
Hostile language or Personal threats 1-3 months
Smurf account 3 months
Racism, hate speech Permanent


This list does not include violations such as cheating or use of illegal hardware as those are handled on a case by case basis. All bans are first reviewed by the Carry1st Africa Cup admin team before they are confirmed.

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